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Birding at 15,000 Feet: A Colorado Chronicle

Western Kingbird digiscoped through Leica APO Televid spotting scope

The adventure began at the Denver airport baggage claim area, where I first met my fellow campers for 2014 Camp Colorado. The American Birding Association runs the camp, which is sponsored by Leica Sport Optics. After loading up the van we immediately found the first bird of trip, a Western Kingbird, in the airport parking lot.

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Advice for Young Birders


What advice would you give to a young birder looking for a career in ornithology? Leica Birding Team member Jennie Duberstein shares her two cents.

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Dispatches From the Field: 2014 Camp Chiricahua


Leica Birding Team member Jennie Duberstein is in the field in southeastern Arizona this week, co-leading Camp Chiricahua with Michael O’Brien and Louise Zemaitis.

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My Favorite Binocular – Jennie Duberstein

Jennie after seeing her first bird with her brand new Ultravid 8x32s--a Swainson's Hawk carrying food to the nest.

Leica Birding Team Member Jennie Duberstein talks about why her Ultravid 8x32s are her choice in the field.

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Dispatches from Camp Colorado: Day 1

2014 Camp Colorado participants enjoy the view over North Saint Vrain Creek in Wild Basin, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Hi folks- Bill Schmoker checking in here from the American Birding Association’s Camp Colorado at the YMCA of the Rockies in beautiful Estes Park, right on the border of Rocky Mountain National Park. I can see the 14,259-foot summit of Long’s Peak out my dorm window and have 21 eager and talented middle- & high-school kids in the adjoining rooms resting up after a fantastic first day of camp.

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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday


Twelve-year old Natalia Sterling interviewed by PBS crew for America’s Heartland feature on bird conservation in California’s rice fields.

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Leica Birding Team: Tiffany Kersten

Osprey banding at Edwin B. Forsythe NWR

If you’ve been following along with the Leica Birding Team, no doubt you’ve heard of Tiffany Kersten by now. In any case, Tiffany has been up to a lot recently, and we’re glad teammate Rafael Galvez was able to catch up with her and get the skinny on her latest adventures, as well as some interesting stories about her influences along her journey to being a top birder and environmental educator. Read on for the good stuff!

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Leica Stories: Matt Daw


If the name “Matt Daw” rings a bell, it is likely because he was behind the unbelievable video capture of the first ABA-area record of Rufous-necked Wood-Rail in Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in July 2013. But before he gained international fame as the videographer of a photo bombing marshbird, Matt was the 2006 ABA Young Birder of the Year and has been involved with birding and bird conservation for a number of years. Leica Birding Team member Jennie Duberstein caught up with him recently to find out what he’s been up to lately.

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Announcing the 2014 Young Birders of the Year!


Yesterday the American Birding Association announced the results of the 2014 Young Birder of the Year Contest, sponsored by Leica Sport Optics, who has been a supporter of ABA’s young birder program since its inception.

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