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Leica Birding Team: Luke Tiller

Leica shoots Leica - Catherine Hamilton

Leica Birding Team member Tom Johnson puts questions to fellow team member Luke Tiller. Originally from London England, Luke transplanted to the United States in 2003. Surrounded by wildlife he found his love of birds reignited. Employed as a hawkwatcher, his passion, experience and knowledge saw him recently added to the Hawk Migration Association of North America board. He currently counts hawks at Braddock Bay, NY, leads birding tours for Sunrise Birding and HMANA and writes for a number of publications on both sides of ‘The Pond’.

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Leica Birding Team: Tiffany Kersten

Osprey banding at Edwin B. Forsythe NWR

If you’ve been following along with the Leica Birding Team, no doubt you’ve heard of Tiffany Kersten by now. In any case, Tiffany has been up to a lot recently, and we’re glad teammate Rafael Galvez was able to catch up with her and get the skinny on her latest adventures, as well as some interesting stories about her influences along her journey to being a top birder and environmental educator. Read on for the good stuff!

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Leica Birding Team: Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson atop the Cape May Hawkwatch platform, with the iconic Cape May lighthouse in the background © Tom Johnson

Leica Product Specialist David La Puma sits down with Leica Birding Team’s newest member, Tom Johnson, for a little Q&A about what got Tom into birds, and where his migrations are taking him. Read on to learn more about this rising star of birding.

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Leica Birding Team: J. Drew Lanham

Camo-ed up and representin' Clemson for the Christmas Bird Count!

Leica Birding Team members all have crazy schedules and often find it hard to pin each other down. Alvaro Jaramillo and J. Drew Lanham caught up with each other in the airport, albeit two different airports in two different countries! Oh the beauty of the internet. Here you can get a bit more insight into the man who is J. Drew Lanham.

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Leica Birding Team: Jennie Duberstein

Jennie hiking at Marshall Gulch in the Catalinas, Tucson, Arizona, 2011

Everyone has at least one of those friends who seem to do just about everything, which isn’t necessarily always a good thing (“Jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind). Then once in a while someone comes along who does just about everything and yet nails it every time. Jennie Duberstein falls squarely into the latter group. Read on as fellow teammate Tiffany Kersten writes about Jennie’s work and accomplishments, and highlights why we are so excited to have her as part of the Leica Birding Team.

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Leica Birding Team: Doug Gochfeld

Simply irresistible

Leica Birding Team’s Bill Schmoker sat down with teammate Doug Gochfeld and asked him a bit about his birding experience. Read on to hear what Doug had to say.

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Leica Birding Team: Rafael Galvez

Rafael counting hawks at the Florida Keys Hawkwatch

Jennie Duberstein first met Rafael Galvez when they got to lead a trip together at the 2013 Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, and was immediately taken by his soft-spoken expertise and stellar teaching skills. She recently had the chance to talk with him about how he first became interested in birds, his connection to Leica, and what he does when he’s not birding. Read on to learn all about Leica Birding Team member Rafael Galvez.

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Leica Birding Team: Alvaro Jaramillo

Alvaro Jaramillo © Jeff Gordon

J. Drew Lanham here, and I’d like to introduce my fellow Leica Birding Team member Alvaro Jaramillo! Alvaro is a Senior Biologist at the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory and Owner/Guide at Alvaro’s Adventures. Currently a resident of Half Moon Bay, California, Alvaro seems ever on the move like so many of the birds he cherishes. After several roundabouts of social media and email-tag, Alvaro and I finally agreed to catch up virtually. I posed a number of questions and you might be surprised by some of his answers! Read on to find out.

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Leica Birding Team: Bill Schmoker

Willy sets up on some waterfowl at the local reservoir

Who is this Bill Schmoker? Is it Bill or Willy? How does he make such beautiful photographs? Where exactly is “Co-lo-ra-do”?? Answers to these questions are probably not answered in this interview, but perhaps some more interesting ones will be! Read on to find out…

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