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Lesser and Common Nighthawks – wing shape and pattern

The pale (white here) bars across the primaries of Lesser Nighthawks are closer to the wingtip than on Common Nighthawks. On Lesser Nighthawks, the bar isolates a dark wingtip that approximates an equilateral triangle (three even-length sides) - the pale bar on a Common Nighthawk isolates a decidedly longer isosceles triangle of dark at the wingtip.

This photo primer discusses the ID of Lesser and Common Nighthawks in the field [and on the branch, and even in the air!]. While geography and a knowledge of status & distribution can get you pretty far with this species pair, it’s helpful to focus on wing shape and exact pattern in order to nail down an identification.

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ID-Tip Tuesday: Male and Female Ibis

Female following male White-faced Ibis.  Female usually does not show leg extension beyond tail, but in this photo there is some due to position of tail.

John Sterling has a tip for identifying sexes of Glossy and White-faced ibis.

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ID-Tip Tuesday: Sorting through gulls, Little by Little

adult Little Gull. Villas, Cape May Co., New Jersey. March 2014.

Ace birder and newest member to the Leica Birding Team, Tom Johnson, kicks it up a notch with this ID-Tip Tuesday foray into small gulls.

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