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Leica Boosts the Highest Peregrine Count

Group BINs semicircle FKH n falcons

With yet another world record for the highest count of “Falco peregrinus” during a single count season, the Florida Keys Hawkwatch continues securing its place as the Peregrine Falcon Migration Capital of the World. Every fall season, hawkwatchers flock to the southernmost chain of islands along the Atlantic Flyway to participate in the Florida Keys Hawkwatch (FKH), a [...]

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Hawkwatching with seven powers?

Braddock Bay Hawkwatch - Catherine Hamilton

In the world of hawk watching, the ability to pull distant shapes out of the sky and rapidly arrive at a correct identification for those shapes, is king. In fact, some people get pretty competitive about it; so when David La Puma from Leica Sport Optics suggested I try a pair of seven power Ultravid HDs (7×42 to be exact) I have to admit I was initially a little nervous. The more I thought about it the more that scene from The Untouchables came to mind, complete with flashes of Sean Connery muttering something about bringing a knife to a gunfight.

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Bradbury Mountain Spring Hawkwatch Season-in-Review

An Osprey glances down at the hawkwatchers as it passes over the Bradbury Mountain Spring Hawkwatch.

The record-shattering 8th season at the Bradbury Mountain Spring Hawkwatch came to a close on May 15th. And we sure did go out with a bang! Continue reading Derek Lovitch’s report from this great season…

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“Feathers Over Freeport” at the Bradbury Mountain Spring Hawkwatch

Hawkwatchers search the skies over "The Brad" during one of our hawkwatch workshops.

Over a thousands birds in a day. What could be better? How about 2,000 future hawkwatchers? Introducing “Feathers Over Freeport: A Birdwatching Weekend.”

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Braddock Bay Hawkwatch: Tales from the platform

Braddock Bay Hawkwatch © Luke Tiller

This year Leica Sport Optics is sponsoring two spring hawk watches in North America. This second article on hawkwatching by Luke Tiller looks at the storied history of Braddock Bay Hawkwatch and Braddock Bay Raptor Research, an organization that a young Jeff Bouton cut his teeth with. This history of this site in Western New York takes us from an era when people sadly used migrant hawks for target practice through to their recording of the largest single day Spring record for migrant raptors in US and Canadian hawkwatching history. We’re excited to read about Luke and the teams adventures at Braddock Bay Hawkwatch this season.

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The Bradbury Mtn. Hawkwatch Gets Started with a Bang!

Winter still holds Maine in its icy grip, but at Bradbury Mountain, spring hawk migration is well underway,

This year Leica Sport Optics is sponsoring two spring hawk watches in North America. The first is the Bradbury Mountain hawk watch in Pownal, Maine started seven years ago by Derek and Jeanette Lovitch owners and operators of Freeport Wild Bird Supply in Freeport, Maine. In this piece Derek gives us the skinny on one of the newest hawk watches to enter the national scene. We can’t wait to hear about the great winged creatures counted at Bradbury Mountain this year!

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