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ABA Convention – Corpus Christi

Scarlet Tanager - Leica V-lux 4 camera, Corpus Christi, TX, April 25, 2014

Catch up on the progress of Athena the Wandering Ultravid’s historic big year run and see some of the amazing highlights enjoyed at last week’s ABA Convention in Corpus Christi, TX!

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Athena’s update from the field – Godwit Days

Surfbird digiscoped at Godwit Days

Check up with Athena our Wandering Ultravid partway through the Godwit Days Festival in Arcata, CA!

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The Chicken Run!


A big thanks to Jeffrey Gordon, President of the American Birding Association who carried Athena our Wandering Ultravid this past week throughout Colorado in search of the fabled Gallinaceous birds that breed in the state. While still snowy at times, at this time of year these birds are doing their amazing displays on their leks, large [...]

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A Florida Big Day

Spotted Sandpiper digiscoped along Charlotte Harbor

Join Athena on a whirlwind Big Day in Charlotte County, Florida for some fun and fast-paced birding!

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Athena in The Bog Part 2: Hanging with Erik Bruhnke

Athena meets the bog

The Duluth, MN birding community is a tight nit one to be certain. There are a number of excellent birders who guide visitors into the Sax-Zim bog, and our guest blogger here is one of them. Erik Bruhnke, owner and operator of Naturally Avian tours, took Athena for a few-day spin into Sax-Zim bog right after the Sax-Zim birding festival. Initially I (David La Puma) was going to write about my experience with Athena in the bog, but once Erik got ahold of her I knew only he could do her justice… especially given Erik’s keen eye for a fabulous photo! Come read on about Erik’s time with Athena in one of my favorite birding destinations.

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