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The Secret Vagrants of South America: Brazil-Part 2


Doug Gochfeld takes you once again to the Mangrove-laden north coast of South America, where new avian discoveries lurk around every corner.
The Northern coast of South America is the winter home to millions of waterbirds, and it’s this aggregation that brings researchers down to this area of the world. However, the results of the research itself aren’t the only productive things that come from these projects; a side benefit of these trips is that it puts a attentive eyes in one of the most under-birded, and difficult to bird, regions of South America, which leads to discoveries of things previously thought to be continental rarities.

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An Inside Look at the Winter Vacations of Shorebirds: Brazil-Part 1

Looking for flagged Semipalmated Sandpipers in the evening as the birds are concentrated around the shrinking mudflats by the rising tide. The boat farther away is The Universo, where we lived, while the closer boat is a local fishing boat taking a rest on the sandbar.

Most people rarely give thought to what “our” North American birds are doing once they’ve migrated south out of the continent, but what they do and how they get there can be truly fascinating (and extraordinary, making multi-day over water flights without stopping).
Doug Gochfeld has been fortunate enough to study them on the wintering grounds for the last few years, and here provides an enlightening look into some of the research that is currently being done on these remarkable birds.

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