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Slowing Down. Gerri and I joining the hundreds of other migrants – avian and human – at Magee Marsh.

What is Neil Hayward up to since his Accidental Big Year? Well, we caught up with him at The Biggest Week in American Birding in Ohio last month and he’s still out there beating the bushes and finding great birds, albeit without the rabid intensity of a year-long birding competition. Neil took Athena for a spin around Magee Marsh to help capture a few more birds for her life list. Read on for his full account!

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Athena’s update from the field – Godwit Days

Surfbird digiscoped at Godwit Days

Check up with Athena our Wandering Ultravid partway through the Godwit Days Festival in Arcata, CA!

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Travis on the plane

By Neil Hayward, Accidental Big Year birder. I’m at the UPS store in Anchorage. Scott Schuette is dropping me off.  It’s cold and I have no idea where I’m going. Again. This whole year I’ve been passed from birder to birder. It’s been fun! I’ve seen some amazing birds and met some pretty cool birders. [...]

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Major Peregrinations

Summary of Travis's recent travel

From the Florida Keys to Barrow, Alaska down to San Diego and then back to the NE Travis is scouring every corner of the US in search of fabulous birds and big wildlife adventures!

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The First Host – Rangel Diaz

L1040797 - Version 2

Our first host to carry the Traveling Trinovids in the field was Rangel Diaz. Rangel was the main guide for our digiscoping workshop and works as a naturalist for ECO-ADVENTURES in the Miami-Dade Parks so he knew exactly where to go at Crandon Park in Miami, Florida. A life long Floridian naturalist, Rangel pretty well [...]

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