Suet Piranhas

For most of the winter I’ve been enjoying the hit-and-run tactics of a Bushtit flock in my Longmont, Colorado back yard.  Up to about 15 of the wee long-tailed fuzz balls will make a raid on my home-made suet in the morning, attacking it with fierce gusto like a school of suet piranhas.  Bushtits are the epitome of restless- their sorties never last long, and soon the flock moves on to forage among the branches of a maple tree or within the confines of a spruce before their chittering calls recede farther into the neighborhood as the little bundles of energy continue on their rounds.

I threw together a little digiscoped movie showing some of the action at the suet cage.  The movie is a good demonstration of how easy it is to digiscope with my 65mm APO-Televid, iPhone, and PhoneSkope adapter!  It’s also a nice reminder that scopes are great for seeing minute details of relatively close targets in addition to their more traditional use for long-distance viewing. I hope you enjoy the short video as much as I enjoyed making it.

-Bill Schmoker, Leica Birding Team.

YouTube Preview Image