Steve Howell embarks on another World Birding Rally in Peru!

Leica Birding Team’s Steve Howell is back in Peru for another World Birding Rally, as part of the Sunbird-WINGS team (the rally can be followed at Last year it was in southern Peru, where Steve’s team fought a close race to come second with 455 species to the winning team’s 457!

This time it’s northern Peru, and the 1500-kilometer route goes from the Pacific coast over the Andes, and down to the Amazonian lowlands. Over 1000 bird species occur along this route, but in a week the teams may each see “only” 500-600 species…

Before the rally, some team members took a pelagic trip out into the Humboldt Current where birds seen included Hornby’s Storm-Petrel – a big AND fancy-looking storm-petrel. This was (finally!) Steve’s last storm-petrel species for the world, and his last tubenose in the Americas. And the handsome Galapagos Albatross was pretty smart as well. So whatever the rally’s result, the trip has already been a great success!!!

Hornby's Storm-Petrel Callao pelagic, Peru (49 of 157) Hornby's Storm-Petrel Callao pelagic, Peru (103 of 157) Galapagos Albatross Callao pelagic, Peru (78 of 157)