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7x42 Ultravid HD

7×42 Ultravid HD named..?!?…

As some of you know, we now have a new binocular on a big year. She’s a sleek Leica 7×42 Ultravid HD and she’s in need of a name.

The 7×42 Ultravid HD provides the most enjoyable view imaginable. It has the widest field of view of any binocular in the Leica line, the greatest eye relief, and allows an incredible 6 mm of light to reach your eye. With all of these features, the 7×42 Ultravid HD provides unmatched eye comfort and is an absolute joy to use. Notable American birding wordsmith, Pete Dunne, described the 7×42 as “Cotton Candy for the Eyes”.

As such, this year’s big year adventure will be as much about the sheer enjoyment of the natural wonder and spectacle as the list itself. But still we need a fitting name for our new traveller and one befitting of a highly capable optic, that is as elegant as rugged, and is a joy to be around. Give it a thought and help us name our newest traveler!