Major milestones!

Well it took a bit over 3 months, but on the final stop, of the final scheduled field trip of ABA’s Camp Colorado it happened. Camp Colorado attendee Marky Mutchler lifted Travis to her eyes to enjoy amazing views of a veritable hummingbird circus. The event was described in the very enjoyable blog post by Rachel Rothberg, “As if the day could get no better, our last stop was a small bed and breakfast inn on the way back to Estes Park, where they get around 20,000 individual hummingbird visits per day!  There were hundreds of Broad-Tailed, likely dozens of Rufous, and even a few Calliope Hummingbirds zooming inches above our heads.”

Six (of the hundreds of) hummers buzz around the feeders (© Rachel Rothberg)

Six (of the hundreds of) hummers buzz around the feeders (© Rachel Rothberg)

While the statistical significance of this event would not become apparent until much later, we now know that those “few Calliope Hummingbirds” represented a major milestone in the Traveling Trinovid’s grand adventure. It was the 450th bird species tallied on this binocular’s big year. Thanks Marky for the awesome assist (see Marky’s bird list on eBird here)!


Following Camp Colorado our brave Traveling Trinovid headed south west to join the longest established (and one of the most revered) youth birding camps in the US, Victor Emanuel Nature Tour’s Camp Chiricahua! This historic annual event was actually the very first camp of this kind started by Victor Emanuel many years ago. From the VENT website, “In 1986, VENT conducted the first youth birding camp in Southeast Arizona. Every summer since then, we have conducted these camps for young birders ages 14 to 18. During the past 23 years over 200 young birders have attended the VENT/ABA camps.”

Based in the extremely “birdy” Chiracahua Mountains in southern Arizona, it is a certainty that many new species were added here and I suspect as the final tallies start rolling in we will likely learn that Travis has enjoyed another significant milestone (last year’s Camp Chiracahua list included 64 species not seen by Travis yet). Until then though we all just have to wait patiently until the exciting reports and new posts begin to file in!