Host # 4 – Edison Buenaño

Edison in the Field

Edison in the Field

Born in Riobamba, Ecuador, Edison Buenaño has been guiding bird tours professionally for more than a dozen years. His enthusiasm for birds was sparked during a visit to the Amazon while working on his thesis for his first degree in tourism management. He now leads for Wildside Nature Tours in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia and as you can see from the images above he is also a big Leica fan!


It was a pleasure speaking with Edison and getting to know him better last week at Florida’s Birding & Photofest in St. Augustine, Florida. We’ve of course met in the past but it seemed we were both always running in opposite directions at busy events like the Biggest Week in American Birding where we will meet once again in just a couple weeks. We’ve crossed paths along the birding trails here and even stood shoulder to shoulder pointing out birds at this event. But since we are both dedicated to a fault to our passion, we never paused to just chat a bit when the birds were popping.

So in St. Augustine where we were both slaves to our adjoining booths, we finally compared notes, thoughts, and images of birds we’d taken on our adventurous wanderings. Not surprisingly, I now find myself longing to visit Edison in Ecuador though. He’s got some amazing images. Check some out for yourself on his Facebook page or on the Wildside site!