Digiscoping in Miami – first birding trip!



The crew went digiscoping in Crandon Park Beach on Key Biscayne, and took the Traveling Trinovid with them. There was a great assortment of shorebirds, gulls, and terns here.



Some of these birds were easily separable from the other birds on the beach including this Dunlin that had a pure white feather on the wing.



… or this Piping Plover that came equipped with hardware. Due to the distinct nature of the band combinations we should be able to tell exactly what bird this is and where it has been. Rangel believes this could be a bird from the North Dakota, but we will see if we can get some exact details on it.


Our friend Rafael Galvez, incredible artist and director of the Florida Keys Hawkwatch, is doing his own version of a big year, field sketching as many bird species as possible. A “sketchy” big year indeed!



While the rest of us we were honing our digiscoping skills, Rafael used his Leica spotting scope and drew this Least Sandpiper. A very different way to record sightings and due to his skills he was able to complete this sketch in mere moments!


Anhinga catching some rays!


In all our crew had a great day digiscoping and the first Leica Store Miami digiscoping workshop was a hit. As important though, the Traveling Trinovid big year had begun and by the end of a few short hours (which were dedicated more to photo technique & equipment use than birding) 40 species had been observed through the Traveling Trinovid. Rangel & Rafael were affectionally calling the binocular “Travis the Traveling Trinovid” by trip’s end. We’ll see if the name sticks, I suspect each respective host may have their own pet name though!