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Sometimes it’s about the adventure, not the ultimate destination


Travis returned from Camp Chiricahua a couple of weeks ago and is now headed to Cape May, New Jersey, to do some birding with the very capable and fun founder Drew Weber. In-between these adventures I took Travis up to the Land of Leopold (if you haven’t yet read A Sand County Almanac, you …

Rare Birds of North America: The book, and what is a rare bird?


Steve N. G. Howell After becoming familiar with the commoner and regular bird species in your local area, you often start to recognize what is rare there, and when. With trips farther afield your scope widens, and you come to recognize what birds are rare in your county or region. Thus, sooner or later, most …

Who’s Your Mamma?


Birds have all sorts of crazy antics and nesting behaviors—from multiple female anis who all lay all their eggs in the same nest and raise the chicks communally, to swallows who use nothing but mud and spit to build their nests, and more, but in my opinion, one of the most fascinating behaviors of all …

Natural Majesty


Text & Images by Jeff Bouton It doesn’t seem to matter what your passion is, different geographic areas always offer new, exciting discoveries & experiences. If you’re a foodie there are amazing new restaurants to experience, and the history buff can always find amazing historic factoids in each new town. As certainly, every region we …