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A Florida Big Day

Spotted Sandpiper digiscoped along Charlotte Harbor

Join Athena on a whirlwind Big Day in Charlotte County, Florida for some fun and fast-paced birding!

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ID-Tip Tuesday: Male and Female Ibis

Female following male White-faced Ibis.  Female usually does not show leg extension beyond tail, but in this photo there is some due to position of tail.

John Sterling has a tip for identifying sexes of Glossy and White-faced ibis.

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Leica Stories: Chris Benesh


From funky warblers to unexpected mammals, there isn’t much that birding guide Chris Benesh hasn’t seen through his Leicas. Birding Team member Jennie Duberstein recently chatted with her fellow Tucsonan to find out a little more about how he became a birder.

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Leica Birding Team: Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson atop the Cape May Hawkwatch platform, with the iconic Cape May lighthouse in the background © Tom Johnson

Leica Product Specialist David La Puma sits down with Leica Birding Team’s newest member, Tom Johnson, for a little Q&A about what got Tom into birds, and where his migrations are taking him. Read on to learn more about this rising star of birding.

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Happy 80th Birthday Dame Jane Goodall!

Juan Valadez and Jane Goodall. Photo by Susana Name.

There are many people who help conserve wildlife, who dedicate part or all of their lives to understanding and protecting that which cannot protect itself. Primates, so much like us humans, hold so many secrets of human evolution. More than that, though, they are intrinsically valuable in and of themselves. One woman who has done more than anyone else to both study and conserve chimpanzees, is Dame Jane Goodall. Today is Dr. Goodall’s 80th birthday and we at Leica Sport Optics wish to acknowledge her with this piece written by Juan Valadez. Read on to relive the experiece with Juan and Jane!

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Wordless Wednesday

Sterling _ Terril Taiga Day! 10-25-06

Leica Birding Team’s John Sterling and birder Scott Terrill dazed and confused shortly after they found the Taiga Flycatcher in California.

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ID-Tip Tuesday: Some quack and dirty scaup notes

In flight, the amount of white in the flight feathers of scaup can be helpful for identification - Greater Scaup tend to show obvious white across the secondaries and into the inner primaries, while on Lesser Scaup, this is restricted to the secondaries. Lighting and angles make this difficult to assess in some photos (check out the rightmost bird here), but in real life, the extent of the white wing flash on a flying scaup is very useful. Greater Scaup, Avalon, New Jersey. February 2014.

Ever get tripped up identifying the two species of scaup? Yeah, us too…but Leica Birding Team member Tom Johnson breaks it down for us so everyone can have a better shot at conclusive ID of these similar (but different!) species.

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