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Leica Birding Team: Alvaro Jaramillo

Alvaro Jaramillo © Jeff Gordon

J. Drew Lanham here, and I’d like to introduce my fellow Leica Birding Team member Alvaro Jaramillo! Alvaro is a Senior Biologist at the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory and Owner/Guide at Alvaro’s Adventures. Currently a resident of Half Moon Bay, California, Alvaro seems ever on the move like so many of the birds he cherishes. After several roundabouts of social media and email-tag, Alvaro and I finally agreed to catch up virtually. I posed a number of questions and you might be surprised by some of his answers! Read on to find out.

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Announcing the 2014 Young Birders of the Year!


Yesterday the American Birding Association announced the results of the 2014 Young Birder of the Year Contest, sponsored by Leica Sport Optics, who has been a supporter of ABA’s young birder program since its inception.

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Wordless Wednesday


This very accommodating Blue-throated Hummingbird was photographed at the Southwestern Research Station in Portal, Arizona.

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A Birder Call to Action: Please Help Save the West Pond at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

One of the iconic views of the West Pond was seeing scads of waterfowl on the pond in the winter, with the legendary skyline of New York City in the background.

Photo © Don Riepe.

The West Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge was once the only large freshwater habitat in the coastal ecosystem of New York City…until Hurricane Sandy came along in October 2012. Please read the following article by Leica Birding Team’s Doug Gochfeld to find out how you can help to restore it to its former, bird-filled glory.

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What’s in a (Bird) Name part 3: Grammartifices and What Part of “English” Names do I not Understand?

The English name Bermuda Petrel probably conveys some information to most people, birders at least – it’s a petrel that occurs (breeds?) in Bermuda. The local island name of Cahow has been used by some as the “proper” English name, but is essentially meaningless to almost every speaker of the English language. However, at least Cahow is an English name, unlike all those unpronounceable Hawaiian (= Polynesian) names. Off Hatteras, North Carolina, May 2009. © Steve N. G. Howell

In the third and final part of the “What’s in a (Bird) Name?” series, Leica Birding Team member Steve N.G. Howell takes on grammatical inconsistencies in English bird nomenclature in typical “Steve” fashion. Enjoy!

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