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Humble beginnings

Pool full o' wading birds

So it begins, another year of fantastic wildlife adventures through the eyes of a Leica 7×42 Ultravid HD binocular.

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Our New Traveler

"Athena" the 7x42 Ultravid HD on a big year in 2014!

Please help us name our newest traveler!

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Retiring Travis

Travis at Right had a fantastic run netting 613 species in just under 9 months in the U.S.

Travis retiring, say what?!?… read all about it here!

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Leica Stories – Barbara Bickel


Last weekend I, Jennie Duberstein, got to lead field trips at the Wings Over Willcox Birding and Nature Festival in Willcox, Arizona. It’s a fantastic festival in a tiny town in southeastern Arizona, full of cranes, wintering raptors and sparrows, and great people (if you haven’t been, I highly recommend it). Barbara Bickel, a long-time [...]

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What’s in a (Bird) Name? Part 1: The Common American Problem

Steve Howell ends day 1 of the Peru Bird Rally

What’s so common about a Common Moorhen? Surely the American Coots are much more common in my neck of the woods! Leica Birding Team’s Steve N.G. Howell breaks down the problems with English bird names with his trademark Welsh humor in this first of three installments. Enjoy!

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Travis on the plane

By Neil Hayward, Accidental Big Year birder. I’m at the UPS store in Anchorage. Scott Schuette is dropping me off.  It’s cold and I have no idea where I’m going. Again. This whole year I’ve been passed from birder to birder. It’s been fun! I’ve seen some amazing birds and met some pretty cool birders. [...]

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Back to Alaska

Figure 3: The Rustic Bunting, showing off for all of us.  Photo by Scott Schuette

Scott Schuette, Director of St. Paul Island Tours, volunteers a bit of his “off island” time to help Travis tick a few more fantastic birds!

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Leica Birding Team member Steve N.G. Howell takes on the Peru Birding Challenge

Jesse Fagan, Fernando, Cecilia, Jose Luis

Leica Birding Team member Steve Howell just returned from the 3rd World Birding Rally in Peru, where five teams from around the world competed to record as many species as possible in five-and-a-half days of pre-dawn to post-dusk birding, starting with 3 days near the Bolivian Border in Amazonia (the world center of biodiversity) and ending with a day around the incredible ruins of Machu Picchu (“all those big stones crawling with people, that we didn’t have time to visit”). Read on to see how they did!

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