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Rio Grande Valley Kick Off


The Rio Grande Valley is a birding Mecca for US birders, it offers great bird diversity, incredible butterfly & wildlife viewing, and an amazing number of accessible public birding areas. To make it even more attractive, it hosts an amazing number of specialty bird species that just barely reach the US here in southern Texas.

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My New Friend – Travis


by J. Drew Lanham
J. Drew Lanham is a native of Edgefield, South Carolina and a Distinguished Alumni Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Clemson University. He is an essayist and sometimes poet who has contributed to several anthologies including essays on home and land ethic; travelogues on trips abroad and back in time; introspectives on deer hunting and dog-human partnership; and on the struggles between passion, race and self identity as an African-American nature lover. Drew’s first solo work , The Home Place, Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature (Milkweed Editions), is due to be published sometime in 2014. Drew views his professional passion and personal missions converging to define sustainability and conservation in new and colorful ways. A major focus of this effort is to tell the stories of African- American connections to nature in the Southeast and beyond. Drew is an avid hunter, lifelong birder and nature enthusiast living in the Upstate of South Carolina with his wife Janice. They have two adult children; Kimberly Alexis and Donovan Colby. They are also the caretakers of an indoor cat, Zeke and two dogs Kate and Avery.

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Travis Reverses Course

Travis at Santa Ana NWR, TX

Just hours after most Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival leaders and participants boarded planes and loaded into cars headed out of town, a Rose-throated Becard was found at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. What else for a Binocular on a serious Big Year to do, but to reverse course? Nearly the instant he touched down in [...]

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North of the Arctic Circle

Travis scans the Arctic Ocean.

By John Puschock, owner of Zugunruhe Birding Tours “Ross’s is not a gull, it is the gull…” — Ken Behrens and Cameron Cox in the Peterson Reference Guide to Seawatching: Eastern Waterbirds in Flight, 2013 Last month, I had the honor of accompanying Travis on his first trip north of the Arctic Circle on my [...]

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Island Hopping

Travis after viewing the "Island Scrub-Jay" off the coast of California.

Join Travis’s adventure as he heads offshore to the Channel Islands in search of Island Scrub-Jays and other fantastic and unique wildlife species!

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