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End of the summer blues

Travis back from summer vacation

Travis is now back from summer youth birding camps organized by the ABA & Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (Camp Colorado & Camp Chiricahua respectively). There’s been a lot of talk about Camp Colorado already, but the first tales from Camp Chiricahua held in southern Arizona are just beginning to file in now. We’ll be receiving specific [...]

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Major milestones!

Six (of the hundreds of) hummers buzz around the feeders (© Rachel Rothberg)

Well it took a bit over 3 months, but on the final stop, of the final scheduled field trip of ABA’s Camp Colorado it happened. Camp Colorado attendee Marky Mutchler lifted Travis to her eyes to enjoy amazing views of a veritable hummingbird circus. The event was described in the very enjoyable blog post by Rachel Rothberg, “As if the [...]

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Youth Camps

Leica staffers working at ABA youth camps.

The North American young birding camps have been running at full attendance. It is so great to see so many different events all having such great success. The recent American Birding Association event, Camp Colorado was hugely successful and 20 young birders (13 boys, 7 girls) taught us as much as we taught them. We [...]

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Travis goes to Camp Colorado Part 2: Rachel Rothberg

Rachel Rothberg sketching a Golden Eagle seen earlier that day (© Jeff Bouton)

Our second guest post from the ABA/Leica Camp Colorado features Rachel Rothberg from Palo Alto, California. Rachel is not only an excellent young birder, but also a wonderful artist and musician. When she wasn’t carrying Travis, she was often behind the lens of her camera capturing every moment of Camp Colorado. Her photos range from documentation and study material for sketching and painting, to beautiful artwork in its own right (check out the full post to see her fabulous Rufous Hummingbird photo!). In this report, Rachel explains why she has dubbed July 26th the “best day of her life”.

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