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Travis goes to Camp Colorado Part 1: Ben Thesing

Ben Thesing

Leica is the Legacy Sponsor for the American Birding Association’s Young Birder program, including the two ABA camps, Camp Colorado and Camp Avocet. This post features Georgia birder Ben Thesing who attended Camp Colorado last week and carried Travis on his first day in the field. Ben is not only an exceptional birder, but also a well rounded naturalist with interests across the zoological spectrum. When not out in the field identifying reptiles, birds or butterflies, Ben can often be found working in the reptile department at Zoo Atlanta. So what did Ben and Travis see together? Read on and find out!

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Hitting the ground running

Prairie Falcons live here (and get to hear great music all summer long!)

We’ve made it to Colorado a day in advance of the ABA Young Birder camp, determined to try and find the majestic Prairie Falcon for both our new Product Specialist David La Puma and (possibly more importantly) Travis the Traveling Trinovid binocular. After a rendezvous at the Denver airport, Leica’s Jeff Bouton and David La Puma, and ABA’s Bill Stewart headed up to Red Rocks to see whether they could score.

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Fresh Youthful Views from Colorado!

scanning across big country

Join Travis for a slew of new Montane & Alpine species while joining the enthusiastic crew at the ABA’s “Camp Colorado”.

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Tom Johnson: The future of birding

Tom taking in the auklet scene on St Paul Island (© Doug Gochfeld)

Ace birder and biologist Tom Johnson carried Travis to and from St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs last week. If you read the blog recently then you know all the awesome birds they saw… but do you know Tom? Get to know him and hear a little bit about his experience in this post…

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Travis’s final day on St. Paul Island

Travis the Traveling Trinovid leaves St. Paul Island (photo: Doug Gochfeld)

Tom Johnson has left St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea, with Travis the Traveling Trinovid it tow, but before they left Travis had another great day of birding. Come read about it!

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Should I stay or should I go? (hint: still surrounded by water)

Doug and Travis checking out a Long-tailed Jaeger (© Tom Johnson)

Getting to and from the Pribilof Islands can be a daunting experience as any number of logistical snafus can creep up unexpectedly, not the least of which is the weather. Word from our intrepid tour guide, Tom Johnson, is that he and Travis are stuck on St. Paul Island for another night. Though they may be literally stuck on the island, I can’t imagine a better place to be told I have to spend another day. Can you?

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Travis in the Pribs: Part Deux

Immature Slaty-backed Gull (© Tom Johnson)

Travis’s adventures on St. Paul Island continue with this second installment from the Bering Sea. What lifer did Travis get in yesterday’s fog and wind? Read on to find out!
BONUS BIRD QUIZ! Can you identify this gull? Post your answers and justification in the comments section at the end of the post

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Go West, Young Travis

Crested Auklet photo

This week Travis finds himself on St. Paul Island between Siberia and Alaska. Travis has some excellent companions to get him lifers including all three of the St. Paul Island Tour guides (Scott Schuette, Doug Gochfeld and Cameron Cox) and a fellow visiting ace birder Tom Johnson. Come read about Travis’s newest exploits on this most special rock in the Bering Sea…

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