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Some Florida Specialties!

adult male Burrowing Owl - Leica V-lux 4 camera 5/27/13

With a late evening start, my son and I had just over two hours to see how many species we could add to the Traveling Trinovid’s ever growing year list. We hoped to reach the 350 species mark with some of the 10-12 localized Florida specialty species possible in our area. It would be a race against the clock!

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They Grow so Fast

the Traveling Trinovid back from a California Pelagic

Young “Travis” is closing in on 2 months in on this big year effort and nearing 350 species! See which species were appreciated through his lenses most recently.

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An Ohio Big Day! (in a big year)…

Eric Bruhnke - Naturally Avian

When we found out Katie Andersen & Erik Bruhnke were doing an impromptu big day, we asked if they would mind bringing our Traveling Trinovid along!

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Species highlight – Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler (Dendroica virens)

Learn more about today’s highlighted species the Black-throated Green Warbler!

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The Biggest Week at the Warbler Capital

Blackburnian comp GALVEZ sm

The Leica Trinovids are no strangers to me – I’ve had the pleasure of using them under extreme field conditions for entire migration seasons at the Florida Keys Hawkwatch. I was very happy to learn I’d be carrying “Travis” the Traveling Trinovid for several days during The Biggest Week in American Birding in northwestern Ohio. I knew this would be a welcome contrast after spending the month of April in the Keys studying the ecological relationships of migratory birds in tropical rockland habitats. I’d experienced several migratory waves, particularly those of warblers arriving to Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, and had spent plenty of time doing field sketches and paintings of warblers in South Florida habitats. It was therefore a great pleasure to fly up to Ohio following the flight of migrants as they arrived at the Warbler Capital of the World.

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Hanging Around with Birding Legends!


Birders in the know invariably find their way to where the birds are. So with countless migrant warblers funneling through Magee Marsh in Ohio, it should come as no surprise that many keen birders can be found here as well. By keeping a sharp eye out you can pick out some very recognizable bird folk [...]

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Crane Creek Surprise


The boardwalk at Crane Creek / Magee Marsh on the shores of Lake Erie in NW Ohio is most renowned for the warblers one sees here. In spring many thousands of these tiny, brightly-colored, winged jewels can be found here and the boardwalk fills with many human observers appreciating them. With such a great concentration [...]

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Host # 6 – Rafael Galvez


Rafael Galvez is a long time Leica fan and supporter. He is the Director of the Florida Keys Hawkwatch sponsored by Leica Sport Optics and others. This seasonal hawk migration site is most famous as the Peregrine Falcon Capital of the World counting nearly 4,000 Peregrine Falcons last fall, with a peak day with 651 Peregrines [...]

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San Francisco Century Run


So we went on a whirlwind tour of San Francisco county with the guru of California County listing, John Sterling. We began at Lake Merced, a wonderful freshwater lake in San Francisco. A highlight was great views of 5 species of grebes including side by side comparisons of Horned & Eared Grebes in full alternate [...]

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