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In the shadow of the Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

It’s hard to believe that my big adventure began just 3 weeks ago! I was unboxed in Leica Store Miami, in Florida and immediately enjoyed some of Greater Miami’s avian treasures in the hands of Rangel Diaz. Along the white sand shores of Crandon Park, I first enjoyed the splendor of coastal wildlife – Resident [...]

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Host #5 – John Sterling

JS image

We’re in California at the Pt. Reyes Birding Festival and our host is California native  and local birding expert John Sterling. John began birding at a young age in California back in 1971 and his passion for birds, led him to a long professional career including many years as a staff avian ecologist at the Smithsonian Migratory [...]

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Traveling Trinovid on the move!

Traveling Trinovid soaring on borrowed wings!

The Traveling Trinovid is flying on to its next adventure. Heading West to the Point Reyes Bird Festival  in Pt. Reyes Station, California, April 26 – 28, 2013. Stop by and visit the Leica booth in the Vendor area and check out the Traveling Trinovid yourself! BTW – the Trinovid is soaring on borrowed wings in [...]

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Host # 4 – Edison Buenaño

Edison in the Field

Born in Riobamba, Ecuador, Edison Buenaño has been guiding bird tours professionally for more than a dozen years. His enthusiasm for birds was sparked during a visit to the Amazon while working on his thesis for his first degree in tourism management. He now leads for Wildside Nature Tours in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia and [...]

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Host # 3 – Kevin Loughlin


Kevin Loughlin has been hooked on birds and photography since the early age of six. After a life changing vacation to Belize in 1993, Kevin quit his job and started Wildside Nature Tours, now with trips on every continent. Kevin’s photos have been seen in many magazines such as Audubon and WildBird, as well as [...]

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Birding at Featherfest

White-tailed Kite in Galveston, TX

The Galveston Featherfest is a great early spring festival strategically held to correspond  right with the beginning of spring migration. Least Terns were freshly returned from their South American wintering grounds and busily getting on with courtship activities on the barrier beaches. Chimney Swifts and swallow species were pouring over throughout our trip and stunning [...]

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David La Puma: Traveling with T-Bone on the Texas Coast


I’ve been a card-carrying Leica user since 2001 when our research lab purchased a 77mm APO-77 Televid spotting scope for our Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow research in the Florida Everglades. In 2004 I purchased my first Leica binocular, the Trinovid BN 8×42, which remains the finest piece of birding equipment that I own. So when Jeff asked me to carry T-Bone, the Traveling Trinovid, I was both honored and excited at the opportunity to get this brand new binocular (and possibly myself) some lifers.

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Our second host – David La Puma

David La Puma preparing to add Yellow Rail

The second birder to host the Traveling Trinovid was Dr. David La Puma. David is great choice for hosting our newly famous bins. A professional ornithologist with a doctorate on Seaside Sparrows from Rutgers University, and a hardcore recreational birder participating in big day competitions, avid digiscoper, etc… the best of both worlds! It seemed [...]

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First Rarity

distant Tropical Kingbird digiscoped out over the "River of Grass"

I was driving home from Miami and decided to pull off at the boat launch into the WMA just West of Krome Avenue at the edge of the Everglades. It can be a great spot to view for Snail Kites and other Florida specialty species.  While I didn’t see any of those, I did see [...]

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Digiscoping in Miami – first birding trip!


  The crew went digiscoping in Crandon Park Beach on Key Biscayne, and took the Traveling Trinovid with them. There was a great assortment of shorebirds, gulls, and terns here.   Some of these birds were easily separable from the other birds on the beach including this Dunlin that had a pure white feather on [...]

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The First Host – Rangel Diaz

L1040797 - Version 2

Our first host to carry the Traveling Trinovids in the field was Rangel Diaz. Rangel was the main guide for our digiscoping workshop and works as a naturalist for ECO-ADVENTURES in the Miami-Dade Parks so he knew exactly where to go at Crandon Park in Miami, Florida. A life long Floridian naturalist, Rangel pretty well [...]

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Light of Day in Miami

After a pleasant drive across the Everglades National Park & Preserve, the “Traveling Trinovids” were delivered safely to the Leica Store Miami. They felt right at home here, and as the entire Leica product line looked on, the “Traveling Trinovids” were removed from their packing for the first time since being packed in the Leica [...]

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let it breathe

Hand manufactured by skilled artisans to the highest levels of precision and utmost care in Solms, Germany – product number 40008 Leica Trinovid 8×42 binocular, serial # 2002069, was loaded aboard a container and shipped to warehouses in Allendale, NJ, USA. From here it was air freighted to a home in the gulf coast of [...]

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